Legacy: (n.) something that someone has achieved that continues to exist after they stop working or living


We all have dreams, don't we? 

But some of us dream about leaving the world better than we found it. We want to use our unique talents, skills, and passions to serve others, make our communities better, and ultimately change the world. But how is all of this possible without being overwhelming?  

That's where I come in

The difference between those achieving their dreams and the rest is a game plan.

I specialize in coaching you to crystallize, cultivate, and conquer your dreams by co-creating a strategic road map with you. This process turns possible into highly probable.

I empower leaders like you to live the life you were meant to live by helping you uncover your true identity and declare the impact you desire to have in the world.

Deep down you know you were destined to do more...

Let me help you discover the work you were born to do.  Are you ready to own your legacy?


I'm Angela Tennison

I want to help you conquer your mission....Like I conquered mine.

I honed my leadership skills at the highest level — The White House, starting with work on the 2008 Obama presidential campaign that turned into an invitation to serve in the administration for seven years.

One of my proudest moments was when I was asked to serve as the first and only Leadership Development Director at the U. S. Department of Education. This was such a dream job! 

Now, as a noted “leader’s coach,” armed with two coaching certifications, and my own enterprise, The Global Legacy Institute, I want to help the next great leaders of our time fulfill their life's mission and change the world.

My method is simple. I take the strategies, experiences, and lessons-learned I used to achieve my biggest dreams to help you reach yours.


Work With Me!


I've created these packages to take the front runners, the thought leaders, the people who make things happen and shape them into the leaders they dream to be. My goal is to take your passions and turn them into actionable, executable items so that you have a strategic game plan that will guide you towards achieving your wildest dreams, creating incredible legacies and ultimately becoming the leaders the world awaits.



renews every 3 months

"Leaders execute."
Articulate your goals.
Identify and overcome your obstacles.
Become more Accountable to achieve your goals.
ONE - 45 minute Accountability Group Coaching Call/week
BONUS: 2 Tickets to 2020 Vision Board Party


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renews every 6 months

"Leaders show up consistently."
Amplify your passion and performance.
Gain clarity and exude confidence in leading the life you are called to live.
Laser focus on the Five Pillars of High Performance personally & professionally.
TWO – 60 minute High Performance Group Sessions/month
BONUS #1: One Ticket to 2020 High Performance Experience (Limited spots)
BONUS #2: Contents of Package #1 
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renews every 6 months

"Leaders leave a Legacy."
Define your identity and impact.
Go to the next level, chase your dream unapologetically, and be more consistent in living purposefully on a daily basis.
Holistic coaching including work, personal, and relationships.
Become more accountable to yourself to achieve your goals.
TWO – 60 minute 1-on-1 High Performance Sessions/month
BONUS #1:Contents of Package #2
BONUS #2: Contents of Package #1
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Client Testimonials

"In my career I have received coaching and advice from a number of professionals. None had the ability to relate and make clear the path forward the way that Angela could. Angela started with my heart, drilled down to my story, and gave me a plan of action for achieving my next career move. Her services are unmatched by any other as she employs a personal touch and takes a vested interest in making sure that you aggressively excel with job options that will grow and stretch you beyond what you can imagine. Because of Angela I jumped several steps in my career, rather than accepting the next safest option."

- Dexter McCoy

Student Leadership and Development Specialist

“... I dragged my sick self out of the bed at 6:30am this morning all grumpy saying to myself "let me go ahead and send this crap (application materials for a job perfect for me that she found) before she contacts me again asking for status" .... as if this wasn't for the betterment of my future! LOL! Thanks Angela, I appreciate the support and the swift kick(s) that made me stop procrastinating and just do it!"

- Jonta Wlliams

Former Africa Bureau Senior Advisor

"I have been coached through several career decisions by Angela Tennison. She has helped me pursue positions by helping me identify my strengths and tap into some of my passions. In February 2012, after working as an assistant for a federal agency for a year, I was strongly considering leaving without a plan to enter the job market again. I was fed up. After seeking coaching from Angela, not only did she help me make my resume more marketable but also she was a strong advocate for my candidacy for several jobs that met my qualifications. I eventually landed a job in my ideal field of education, in large part due to Angela’s coaching and subsequent confidence in myself."

- Tenicka Boyd

Director of Organizing, StudentsFirstNY

"Angela has been more than just a coach but a champion. She is one of the first people I consult when a major decision or opportunity presents itself - whether it is career, school, or personal. She thoroughly understands the human development ecosystem, and is able to effectively ensure you gain the most out of what she calls an "opportunity". She is really my trusted advisor whom I place must confidence in helping me utilize my best asset, myself."

- Quintin Haynes

Chief of Staff - New York Department of Citywide Administrative Services

"Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, and it is also that difficult."

- Warren Bennis






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