About Angela
Angela Tennison is a strategic dream shaper who helps leaders crystallize goals, cultivate a supportive culture and mobilize teams to conquer their mission.
Angela honed her leadership skills at the highest level — The White House.
A veteran of the Obama Administration, Angela began her journey, along with thousands of hopeful Americans, with work on the 2008 presidential campaign. She is fiercely proud of her role in helping to elect the first African-American president of the United States.
A living example of tenacity and the adage of “your gift will make room for you,” Angela was soon after invited to officially serve in the Obama Administration, and did so, in key leadership capacities, for seven years.
Angela became the first African-American woman White House Usher, serving as a senior manager in the White House Executive Residence. In this historic role, she managed staff, logistics, and operations for the 44th President and First Family.
Continuing her leadership influence, in a different capacity in the Obama Administration, Angela concluded her political appointment as the first and only Leadership Development Director at the U. S. Department of Education. There she created programing to increase employee engagement, improve the culture, and retain staff as the Administration drew to an end.
Angela carries a unique perspective to developing leaders and navigating varied organizational structures, thanks to her credentialed experiences in key industries that drive the nation. Before her noted political career, Angela worked as a licensed financial services professional and licensed real estate broker in North Carolina. With nearly two decades of combined, diverse experiences in corporate, government, political, and entrepreneurial sectors, and armed with two coaching certifications, she brings a strategic and comprehensive, but yet fun and compassionate style to leadership coaching.
Now, a noted “leader’s coach,” Angela’s own enterprise, The Global Legacy Institute, combines her experiences, passion, and expertise to do what she loves — coaching leaders to have more clarity, confidence, and courage to create the organization, and ultimately, life they want.
Angela earned an M.A. in Education and Human Development from The George Washington University, along with an M.B.A. and B.S. in Finance from Winthrop University. She is also a certified life, career, and executive coach, as well as a Certified High Performance Coach.

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